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Dronucopia photo 2148099762086060
Dronucopia photo 2148099762086060 NEW RANKINGS: Mackenna McClure "McFly FPV" 🇺🇲 is the new #4 Ranked pilot in the Top 32 Pilot Rankings of the IDRA 2018 Challengers Cup, after the St. Mary's Internationals, Race 7 of the Series, at St. Mary's College of Maryland with RACE X Maryland!

New Rankings: https://www.idra.co/2018-challengers-cup-rankings

Race Results: https://www.idra.co/schedule-challengers-cup

🏆Russell Jackson "Big Russ" 🇺🇲️
🥈Bill Schuette "Billster" 🇺🇲️
🥉Angelo Re "Angelo FPV" 🇺🇲️

Full Rankings: https://www.idra.co/2018-challengers-cup-full-rankings

Get ready for Manila Regionals - IDRA 2018 Challengers Cup on July 1!

Blog on Race 7 results and season points will be published on Thursday!

Become an IDRA Member: https://www.idra.co/drone-insurance
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