10 Ways To Get Motivated For Your Autumn Diet


With summer been and gone, it’s time to embark on your autumn diet! Here we share 10 ways to get motivated this season.

Let’s face it – dieting at any time of the year is hard, but with colder weather and shorter days, the temptation to hide away and turn our backs on our diet is all too easy.

BUT, autumn is actually the perfect time to start your diet. With the kids back to school, no summer holidays to contend with, less events in our diaries, and Halloween and Christmas serving as the perfect motivation, when you think about it, NOW is actually the BEST time to start your diet.

Plus, during the summer months, so many of us will have overindulged. Feeling sluggish and bloated, it’s time to put our intentions of “I’ll start on Monday” into play, and finally make it happen!

So if you’re facing day 1 of your diet, we want to make it as easy as possible. We have put together our 10 top tips to make your autumn diet a success!

1. Set a start date and stick to it

After the summer holidays there can be an abundance of calorific junk food filling up your cupboards, providing unwanted temptation. Ahead of your start date make sure you clear all of this out of your house. Pass it on to a relative or neighbour or parcel it up and bring it to a local homeless charity, which will happily take it off your hands.

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